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properly executed portrait painting lasts not merely a lifetime but for centuries--it deserves a commitment to uncompromising excellence from both artist and subject

Ms. Perkes begins a portrait by discussing the objectives of the painting with the client.   Then scores of candid photos are taken.   Artist and client evaluate the photos together to select those facets of each which best express the subject's special attributes.   The chosen pose usually combines elements from several different photos in a form designed to be graceful, well-composed, and above all natural to the individual.

Ms. Perkes never paints from photographic sources alone, for the camera cannot capture the subtleties of color that give life and luminosity to the skin and vibrancy to the entire painting.   More important, a photograph can never tell the painter who a person is.   To imbue a painting with the vitality and intelligence, the complexity and mystery of a human being, the artist must paint at least partly from life.

Work of this stature demands time—a modest amount on your part and a great deal on the part of the artist.   The product however is a unique work of art—a legacy for future generations.

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