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properly executed portrait painting lasts not merely a lifetime but for centuries--it deserves a commitment to uncompromising excellence from both artist and subject

A portrait begins with a photography session, which can take place at my studio, or the place of your choice. We discuss what you envision. Should the painting be an indoor setting, an outdoor setting, formal, or informal, where will it hang, etc. We try a variety of different poses, different expressions, different lighting, different angles, and perhaps a variety of clothes. Then we put all the photos up on the computer, and you choose what you thinks captures you the best. We may combine elements from two or three photos to get the perfect pose. One photo session is usually enough, but if we don't get exactly what we want, we may do a second one. You end up with many good photos--yours to keep--and one great one, on which we base the painting. Then I work by myself until the painting is almost complete, and finish with one live sitting, to be sure the likeness is perfect and you are happy with the painting.

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